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Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin Chapter 1 Manga Review - Manga Monday Manga Review Show Ep 19 / Weird Science Manga & Anime

May 24, 2021

Since we added Ayakashi Triangle to the Patreon Early Access, the regular feed gets Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin, an episode we recorded at the very end of 2020.  Make sure to subscribe and rate the show, and email us @ . Check us out on Twitter @weirdmanga and get early access to 14 episodes @  


Here are the early access episodes available on our Patreon right now:

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Ep 21: Spy x Family Chapter 2 "Mission 2"
Ep 22: Sailor Moon Chapter 1 "Serena a.k.a. Sailor Moon"
Ep 23: We Never Learn Chapter 1 "Genius and X are Two Sides of the Coin
Ep 24: Rave Master Chapter 1 "Opened Map"
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Ep 27: Black Torch Chapter 1 "The Future is in Our Hands"
Ep 28: Goblin Slayer Chapter 1
Ep 29: Kaguya-sama: Love is War Chapters 1&2
Ep 30: The Promised Neverland Chapter 1 "Grace Field House"
Ep 31: Eden Zero Chapter 1 "Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter"
Ep 32: The Way of the House Husband Chapters 1-4
​Ep 33: Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 1 "Matsuri, Suzu, and the Ayakashi"


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